Affordable Party Bus Napa Pricing & Rental Rate Policies

We’ve all felt the impact of the tough economy in the past few years. Here at Party Bus Napa, we’re proud to offer top of the line service at affordable prices. You’ll find that our company has the fairest pricing around because we base our prices on many different variables at any given time. This is why you don’t see a concrete table of prices on our website! If you give any of our representatives a call, they can give you the updated prices and help you book your rental today.

If you’re really looking to minimize the price of your rental, here are a few tips! Make sure you rent during the week and not our high demand days of Friday and Saturday. Spring and early summer boasts the most rentals because of the warm weather and wedding season. If you’re booking for a wedding or a birthday, let us know. We may have a package to make the costs even lower!

If you have any specific requirements when it comes to your budget, let us know. We’ll be happy to help in any way that we can.

Party Buses for your Napa Valley events!