Frequently asked questions for Party Bus Napa

Is it okay to smoke cigarettes on the bus?

We do not allow for smoking on our vehicles in order to maintain their cleanliness, however, we do allow for unlimited stops which will give you and your riders a chance to smoke whenever needed (or take restroom breaks).

Can we go over our time limit?

Of course! However, you will be charged an extra overtime fee. Our reservation specialists will be able to fill you in on the particulars. Typically though, overtime is not a problem. If we have a run booked after yours, we'll let you know ahead of time that overtime will not be possible in your case. This is rare, however.

Is alcohol allowed in the vehicle?

If you and your guests meet the drinking age requirements, you’re absolutely allowed to drink inside the vehicle.

Do we have to tip our driver?

Unlike other organizations, we do not require a tip. However, we definitely encourage generous tipping to our drivers if you feel they are deserving. Just know that it is in no way required of you.

Can we pick up my friend before we leave?

Of course! As we mentioned above, we allow for unlimited stops which will allow us to pick up anyone you'd like as long as you stay within your allotted time frame (or are willing to compensate for overtime).

Can you show us around town first?

Absolutely. Our drivers are extremely knowledgeable of the area and are also equipped with GPS. Just let them know what you would like to see, and we'll get you there!